I recently finished reading John Kotter’s book Our Iceberg is Melting and was reminded of the importance of building a cohesive team when creating and sustaining change in the workplace. He aptly describes a day where the subjects in his book just spend time getting to know each other and having fun. We sometimes forget how important this simple act is when building teams and how important it is that team members work well together. And, in order to do this, members must better understand each other and our personal values.

Our personal values are a window into our reactions and a means to better understand others emotions.  The Packer Group offers a great exercise to help you gain insight into your own values, along with some follow up discussions and other ideas. If you could make a list of your top ten values, what would they be? Why? Can you narrow them down to three? What are the values of others on the teams you are working with? When you begin to gain this perspective, it’s easier to empathize with others and take a fresh approach when difficult situations arise. Give it a try!